• May 29-30, 2015
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  • MotorCity Casino, 2901 Grand River Avenue, Detroit

What is self.conference?

Self.conference is a mix of fantastic tech presentations and insightful soft talks in fabulous downtown Detroit. We're filling two whole days at the end of May with languages, tools, diversity, empathy, process, and team talks to help you expand your knowledge, meet other technically-minded folk, and immerse yourself in Detroit's tech renaissance.

Interested in when things will get going with our call for speakers or ticket sales? Here's the plan:

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Nathan dotz

Nathan Dotz

Scala: the pointy bits

Amitai schlair

Amitai Schlair

Bring Your Whole Self To Work (In 15 Years Or Less)!

Priya rajagopal

Priya Rajagopal

Practical RESTful Webservices API Design

Jonathan kuperman

Jonathan Kuperman

Inclusive Web: Getting started with Accessibility

Andrew burke

Andrew Burke

A Question of Time: 3000 Years of Why 'What Time Is It?' Is Hard

Jennifer marsman

Jennifer Marsman

Fun with Mind Reading

Anne cahalan

Anne Cahalan

Megateam vs Code-nado: Lessons Learned While Working on a Large Team

Kerri miller

Kerri Miller

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Programming

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MotorCity Casino

MotorCity Casino is one of three luxury casino resort hotels in Detroit, and incorporates a historic building that once housed the Wagner Baking Company, makers of Wonder Bread. The complex houses a 100,000 square- foot casino with approximately 3,000 slot machines, 59 table games, and two poker rooms; D. Tour, a 13,000-square-foot spa with thermal whirlpools, steam rooms, and dry saunas; 67,000 square feet of meeting and convention space; Sound Board, a live music theater with a capacity of 2,400 people; and a luxury hotel with 400 guest rooms and suites.

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Amber Conville

Amber Conville is a developer at Test Double, and has been a software developer for several years. She loves code in lots of languages, tdd, craftsmanship, and the software community, and can be found speaking at or helping out with user groups, conferences, and nerd gatherings whenever possible.

Want to email Amber? Do it: Or send her a tweet! @crebma

Erika Carlson

Erika Carlson was studying clinical psychology in 2011, when she wrote her first line of Python code. She fell in love with programming, decided to change paths, and is now a software developer at Detroit Labs.

Erika teaches web development and gives introductory programming presentations at elementary and middle schools. She is passionate about the potential of technology to create positive change in the world, and is working to create more opportunities for technology education in Detroit.

Want to email Erika? Do it: Or send her a tweet! @eacarlson

Chelsey Baker

Chelsey has been programming professionally since 2012 when she graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, focusing on iOS since 2013. She loves Michigan football, Mexican food, and working out daily as much as the satisfaction of well written, properly formatted code.

Want to email Chelsey? Do it: Or send her a tweet! @_chelseybaker

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